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Number 5 is here! This should be the last set of blog posts relating to Wuthering Heights. Next week on to Poe. Although students often study and read Poe at lower levels, he is worth a more detailed study for a number of reasons. Have a great weekend!

Work on those essays.



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Þe Olde Blogge Poste #4

Remembered to get it up this time. Huzzah!

So yeah, we won’t be doing any audio blogs, so don’t worry about it. It doesn’t seem to be necessary for this course. For now. Remember to keep up with the blogs and reading, though. I should be able to stay on top of them better now.




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Blog Posts #2 – 3

Excellent thoughts on the last blog post! I enjoyed reading all of them. Now time for the next. Don’t miss it! Remember I need a total of five (5); 2 or 3 should be an oral response, I believe.



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Blogging Time!

Blogging. What a horrible-sounding word. But anyway, we’re going to start it.

I think you know how it works: You take a topic discussed in class or from your own reading and extend it, responding in a series of five (5) posts. Those written should be between 200-300 words. If you do more than five (5) (which I would recommend), the best five will make up your grade.

Marking is as follows: Great (5/5), Good (4/5), Satisfactory (3/5), Substandard (1-2/5); Late is a 0.

Go, write, and be jolly.


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