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Blog Posts #2 – 3

Excellent thoughts on the last blog post! I enjoyed reading all of them. Now time for the next. Don’t miss it! Remember I need a total of five (5); 2 or 3 should be an oral response, I believe.




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Blogging Time!

Blogging. What a horrible-sounding word. But anyway, we’re going to start it.

I think you know how it works: You take a topic discussed in class or from your own reading and extend it, responding in a series of five (5) posts. Those written should be between 200-300 words. If you do more than five (5) (which I would recommend), the best five will make up your grade.

Marking is as follows: Great (5/5), Good (4/5), Satisfactory (3/5), Substandard (1-2/5); Late is a 0.

Go, write, and be jolly.


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